Tea Tree & Charcoal - Natural Soap Rock

Msulwa Life Eco-friendly products soap bars

A refreshing & healthy cleansing bar with skin nourishing properties that detoxify skin cells, soothe blemishes & brighten skin!
1 x 80g Bar – Unisex- Light Exfoliation
Packaging: Each soap is packaged Plastic Free & Zero Waste


Our new Msulwa Life soaps are wonderful, high quality and Go Beyond! Packed with a variety of healthy super foods and essential oils that we are proud of, providing many healthful benefits to the epidermis.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal in our Soap
  • Treats oily skin – absorbs excess oils along with dirt
  • Contributes to flawless skin – reduces acne break outs
  • Reduces pore size – protects dirt build-up in pores
  • Makes skin tighter and firmer
  • Performs well on all skin types- Activated charcoal is a light exfoliant, so if you have sensitive skin, please be gentle.
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Clears skin blemishes
  • Helps psoriasis and dandruff 
Benefits of Tea Tree in our Soap
  • Natural Cleanser -Tea tree oil is a highly effective at cleaning naturally
  • Gives blemish-free smooth skin – The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of this essential oil helps limit the growth of microbes on your skin, preventing them from coming back, and relieving inflammation. As a result, your blemishes start to vanish and you get smooth, even-toned, and radiant skin. 
  • Improves skin conditions like acne, eczema, sensitive skin.
  • Treats cuts and bruises with its antiseptic qualities
  • Natural deodorizer – with its refreshing and revitalizing aroma and antibacterial properties it prevents odour build-up from sweat.

Benefits of Aloe Vera in Soap
A natural raw plant gel that moisturizes, relieves dry, itchy skin and promotes skin healing from conditions like psoriasis.

The experience of our Tea Tree & Charcoal Natural Soap Rock is revitalizing with its fresh tea tree smell and rocky activated charcoal look and feel.

Handmade in South Africa

Chemical Free • Vegan • Eco-Friendly


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