Shisa Firelighters

SHISA Firelighters is a family-owned and run business.

We believe in producing products that better serve our environment and our global community – that is why we pour our heart into every bag of SHISA we produce.

The first pinecone was dipped in our home garage in Durban, sparking our SHISA journey, and we have since expanded our operations to the splendid Cape Winelands. We are working with community members to produce our natural pine firelighters, providing hope and employment to local families.

Our firelighters combine the natural fire-starting ability of pinecones and up-cycled wax, with the irresistible smell of recycled coffee grounds, to produce a product that burns longer and without the harsh smell of chemicals messing with the taste of your lekker braai. You now have the ultimate firelighter to start your next fire or Shisa Nyama. “Shisa-what?” we hear you say…

SHISA (SHEE-SAH): A South African isiZulu word for ‘hot’, ‘burn’ or ‘braai’

BRAAI (LIKE ‘FRY’): A South African Afrikaans word, derived from the Dutch word ‘braden’ for ‘roast’, which refers to the burning of meat over a flame. However, if your meat is burnt, you’ve failed!

SHISA NYAMA (SHEE-SAH IN-YAMA): Originating as a braai in South African townships, it is where friends and families come together to grill meat over an open fire and dance the night away.

BAKGAT (LIKE ‘DUCK-HUT’): A South African word for ‘fabulous’ and that’s exactly what these are!

At SHISA Firelighters, we stand for family, environmental awareness, diversity, inclusivity and a better future for all.


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