Jiffy Grow Block 80mmx80mm

Manufactured out of coco substrate derived from pithy tissues of coconut husk, Jiffy Growblock is a renewable, environmentally friendly substrate with no disposal issues. Combining this with the “adjustable degradable” netting makes Growblock  the only right economical choice for cultivating cutflowers and vegetables on substrate.

A clean, inert and stable substrate

The substrate of Jiffy Growblock is stable due to the naturally high lignin content of the coco substrate. Shrinkage is held to a minimum and rapid re-saturation is guaranteed. The clean inert nature of the substrate allows the grower to make quick changes to any fertilizer application with a broad range of EC levels.

Environmentally friendly

Coco substrate is derived from the pithy tissues of coconut husk and is a renewable, environmentally friendly material. The addition of the degradable netting makes Growblock an excellent choice for hydroponics or other greenhouse or nursery applications.


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