CHILLLI Hot Sauce Extra Hot - 125ml

CHILLLI™️ is a Proudly South African🇿🇦homemade delicious & healthy hot sauce made with all natural ingredients.
Add a splash of original CHILLLI sauce to your breakfast and get your metabolism going strong for the rest of the day!
Organically grown herbs & chillies are used to handcraft the most delicious hot sauce.
CHILLLI🌶️ original hot sauce is made from:
-fresh herbs & spices, Tomato, onion, lemon, garlic, naturally fermented vinegar, capsaicin chilli & himaylan salt
~ Fat free
~ Gluten free
~ Vegan friendly
~ Banting friendly
~ No added sugar
~ No added preservatives
~ Low in Calories
CHILLLI🌶️ is also full of Vitamin C, which is a great metabolism booster
Beware: This flavourful sauce is known to be ADDICTIVE! 🔥


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