CBD Oil 300mg 30ml Sleep

This is our best seller. Researchers believe that a lack of sleep may result in a compromised immune system as well as increased levels of stress. We have therefore paired Linalool and Mycrene to create a potent sleep formula. Linalool is used in many herbal remedies to assist with stress relief and to reduce anxiety. Paired with Mycrene, which researchers believe promotes sleep and relaxation, it create an effective combination to assist with bringing about a calm and restful state of mind. This product is also effective for reducing the buildup of anti-inflammatory bodies and may help to reduce pain.


Take 1ml (20 drops) daily. 0.5mg CBD per drop. Max 20mg daily.

Composition: Per 1ml (600 drops per bottle)

10mg Broad Spectrum CBD.

1ml MCT Oil (medium chain triglycerides)


Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Store below 23 degrees celsius and avoid exposure to sunlight


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